Our Heritage

Ecomantra Retail creates & curates Pure & Natural Textiles, Toiletries & Food for the Hospitality & Consumer  seeking eco friendly, non toxic and chemical free products made using traditional techniques. 

“Our product vision is to source, manufacture & sell guilt free, indigenous products that respects holistic  human values, and are free from use of any industrial chemical and industrial processes.” 

Peepul Tree custom designs & supplies the finest luxury bed & bath eco textiles for the luxury eco hotels that  are made with pure & natural blends that have very high performance for the guests & yet are low maintenance &  low pay per use for the hotels.  

Not only are our Bed & Bath textiles softer, silkier & smoother than typical hotel sheetings for a very luxurious  good night sleep but they are also stain resistant & anti germicidal and thus easily washable in a hotel laundry.  Most importantly they are more durable & hence costs less per use than a cheaper cotton sheeting.