PEEPUL TREE Peepul Tree by Ecomantra Retail is a textiles for consumers & hoteliers ecosystem that lets hoteliers & wholesale buyers in buying or renting pure, natural and luxury bed & bath textiles, kitchen linens & apparels in one easy place Slide Sleep Like a Baby. You spend 1/3rd of your life sleeping. Getting good sleep is critical for good health. That’s why our super soft & supple sheet sets are designed to be most comfortable, healthy and free from 300 harmful chemicals. Slide Sustainable Luxury. We know you want the finest and care for the planet. That’s why our sheet sets despite being luxurious are pure, natural and 100% eco-friendly, and meets the highest standards of sustainability. Slide Sheet Love. Whoever you are, you will love our sheet sets. We design our sheet sets for luxury consumers, hotels & retailers who seek the finest in life. Slide Cosy Times. Your comforter stays snugly & securely in our super soft, super cozy duvet covers thanks to its discretely placed buttons. Slide Affordable Luxury. While our sustainable sheet sets are super luxurious, comfortable and long lasting, they are extremely affordable and tremendous value for money
Experience the comfort and luxury of hotel sheets in your home with our high quality range of bed linens available in variety of weaves and thread count to offer you your best sleeping experience.
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Our Guarantee of Extreme Comfort & Safety

1. Softness

Super soft & supple sheets that feels like silk on your skin. Its softness increases with every wash because of its unique blends and finishing technology.

2. Breathability

Pure, Natural & Highly Breathable – No Night Sweat and perfect for hot sleepers.

3. Moisture Management

It’s highly breathable for it quickly absorbs moisture from the body thus providing a cooling evaporative effect and remains dry in all seasons.

4. Whiteness

Finished with proprietary technology that results in resisting the build-up of soil on the textile surface, which then washes away quickly in the wash cycle. This results in durable whiteness, if the sheets are washed with clean & soft water, and neutral detergents.

5. Bio Freshness

Being naturally anti-microbial, it resists the build-up of bacteria & mildew and keep you feeling fresh and hygienic.

6. Safety

Sleep better knowing that our sheets meets the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which means that these sheets are tested and found to be free from 300 harmful chemicals.

7. 100% Pure, Natural & Hypo-allergic

Pure, natural, hypo-allergic and hence very comfortable in all seasons. Other than the London Collection, which contains up to 40% polyester for strength, our remaining 6 collections are made from 100% natural and regenerated from nature cellulosic.

8. Durable

Our sheets are highly durable that typically increases with rising thread count and more so when Lyocell or polyester are added to the blend.

We guarantee the security and protection of your SLEEP


All our sheets are MADE IN GREEN INDIA (traceable consumer label) and STANDARD 100 by  OEKO-TEX®. They are specially finished for using the proprietary Ecomantra Eco Technology.  According to the guidelines, these products are tested for harmful substances and produced in an an  award-winning, environmentally friendly Gold Rated LEED v4 Certified green building facility in a  socially responsible manner.


 All our  textiles are backed by incredible customer service; we are dedicated to making sure you have an  excellent experience, from the moment you place your order until after you begin using your new  

bedding. Each fabric batch is also tested for various durability features such as no-pilling, low  shrinkage, color fastness etc., then stitched, individually inspected to be defect free and finally packed  for defect free delivery till your home.


“Our product vision is to source, manufacture & sell guilt free, indigenous products that respects holistic  human values, and are free from use of any industrial chemical and industrial processes.” 

Peepul Tree custom designs & supplies the finest luxury bed & bath eco textiles  that  are made with pure & natural blends that has very high performance & yet is low maintenance &  low pay per use for the hotels.  


Take a look at our luxurious and durable hotel collections

Peepul Tree by Ecomantra Retail is a textiles for  hoteliers ecosystem that lets hoteliers &  wholesale buyers in buying or renting pure, natural and luxury bed & bath textiles, kitchen linens & apparels in  one easy place.  

Peepul Tree custom designs, commissions & supplies pure, natural and the finest luxury bed and bath textiles  that are especially made for luxury hotels. It commissions the finest bed & bath fabrics in India from the best  mills in India.