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Ecomantra Retail is a supplier of sustainble, eco friendly and ultra luxurious linens to renowned experiential and  eco hospitality & hospital partners and destinations across the globe. Based in India, the 20 year old design  house and its 137 year old mill partner brings the highest sustainability & finest design to each product – from  sheet sets, terry towels and bathrobes to kitchen napkins and uniforms.  

Certified Extremely High Performance Textiles & Upholstery for Hotels, Hospitals & Homes Ecomantra Retail offers Extremely High Performance Textiles & Upholstery for your Hotels & Hospitals by  treating it with the Certified Peepul Tree Textile Concentrate System, a Pure & Natural Vegetable Oil  Triglyceride Bio Polymer. The All in One High Performance properties includes: 

  1.  Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Bio Freshness & Anti-odour: All textiles, uniforms & furnishings treated  with Peepul Tree Textile Concentrate System being naturally anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal resist the build up of bacteria, virus & mildew and keeps you feeling fresh & odour free all the  time.
  2. Soil & Stain Resistant: All textiles & upholstery treated with Peepul Tree Textile Concentrate System resists the build up of Soil & beverages stains i.e. tea, coffee, juices and wine on the textile surface,  which then washes away quickly in the wash cycle enabling your textiles to retain its whiteness,  brightness and depth of colour.
  3.  Bio Wicking, Highly Absorbent & Breathable, and Quick Dry: All textiles treated with Peepul Tree  Textile Concentrate System acquire Bio-wicking, Hydrophilicity & Quick Dry properties, which  allow them to retain its natural absorbency & they thus remain highly breathable and quickly absorbs moisture from the body providing a naturally cooling evaporative effect. Being Quick Dry, it dries up  to 4 times faster than regular textiles not only while being worn but also after washing on line dry as  well in the dryer, saving precious time & money. 

All textiles & upholstery treated with Peepul Tree Textile Concentrate System are certified to pass the world’s  highest test standards of: 

  1.  Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral test standards of AATCC 100 – IAC and AATCC 100 – 2012 methods  respectively and
  2. Oeko Tex Eco Passport for the highest human safety, eco & sustainability standards.

Comprehensive Design Program for Luxury Eco Hotels & Hospitals 

Ecomantra Retail also offers a Comprehensive Design Program for Luxury Eco Hotels, Hospitals & Homes to  create tailor made fabrics, colours, design and monograms to each individual client’s needs. We believe that  product sampling plays a big role in creating a perfect product that the hotel needs. We even have a program to  mail arrange a presentation to our key influential hotel partners if they do not have the time to attend our Meet  Ups, Talks & Product Launches. 


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